Moonleap runs highly effective SEO programs for clients operating within some of the most challenging industries. Not every site deserves to rank at the top of Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc. You don't just get high traffic overnight; your website needs to be awesome before people start sharing it online. Google regularly make changes and updates to ranking factors.

Our SEO agency focuses on delivering high-quality content that helps improve your online presence by driving targeted visitors to your site.

We're proud to say that everything we do is 100% handcrafted. It means that each strategy is tailored to meet your needs. There are no automated scripts, spam, or any kind of nasty ingredients in our campaigns. 

Every single one is unique to your industry, your product/service, and your brand. Moonleap agency can help you get better rankings for your business.


Our SEO agency can offer a range of services, including:

We've accomplished a lot, from helping small stores dominate their local market to assisting large companies to stay ahead of the pack. As we've grown, so has our portfolio of services; we usually have something that will be an excellent fit for your business.

SEO Consultancy

We help you decide which goals you want to achieve through SEO and create an effective plan for achieving them. Whether you manage this, have an in-house team, or want an effective outsource team, we're here for you! We can help you with any aspect of your marketing function. If you are looking for support & guidance from our SEO experts, or if you want us to handle the entire SEO campaign, we can help.

Keyword & Market Research

Keyword research helps us identify important keywords for your website. We then use these keywords to create content fitting your unique brand. Our keyword research has helped us understand the language and terminology we think people use when searching for products or services. We never promise or estimate something without having a plan for achieving it.

Technical SEO Audit

Our service includes an audit of your site before we start optimising it so that we're one step ahead of the game. We analyse your website to create a report, which includes recommendations for changes.

Onsite SEO

Our team of experts will carefully review your website structure, internal layout, and other essential design aspects first. Then we can give you recommendations for improvement to help drive targeted traffic to your website.

Content Creation

The content that appears on your website is what makes up your digital footprint. The more relevant and absorbing the content, the more prominent search engines will position that content. This is the reason search engine optimisation and content go together hand in hand.

We'll work closely with you to develop ideas for content that will engage your audience. Great articles are born when we can create something people want to read. We want to be included in any and every conversation that brings attention to our content.

Our team consists of experienced writers, designers & developers who create effective online campaigns for companies and organisations. We work closely with clients to determine the fundamental market positioning framework. The message and missions differentiate brands from others and how we can best communicate that difference to potential customers.

Link Building

Links are one of the significant ranking signals used by search engines like Google. They are also valuable as they are the foundation of all websites. They are how search engines determine where your website should appear on the results page. We build links naturally using various methods, such as guest blogging, social media outreach, and press releases.

It's always been standard industry practice to call building links "outreach". Though today most marketers would agree that "links" refer to "inbound links", both offsite and onsite. Regardless, there's no doubt that links remain the best indication of quality when ranking high in search results.

Penalty Recovery

Our team has lots of experience auditing backlinks and correcting any issues we find. A toxic link audit will allow us to identify those negatively impacting your site and the necessary steps required for removal.

We can remove the offending links if you receive a penalty notice to get your site back into good standing.

Reporting & Analysis

We're big fans of data and report our campaigns' results monthly, so we can attribute their success to any changes to improve the site's SEO. 

While Google Analytics is a fundamental requirement, it's not always easy for clients to attribute sales and closed leads. All our clients have access to Razormind, our enterprise-grade business intelligence and lead tracking toolkit. This allows all of our clients to identify sales opportunities and the source to accurately attribute revenue derived from our campaigns.